Simple Seasonal Pasta—A Non-recipe

Simplicity is often the key to perfect satisfaction, and without a doubt, a simple pasta toss of seasonal vegetables prepared with a light hand is a simple delight.

Sunday evening, while taking a late stroll through the garden at Cow Hill Cottage, I found the first sugar peas of the season hanging thick on the vine. These sweet jewels of early summer, combined with the last of the spring asparagus, was all that I needed for a perfect Sunday supper.

No recipe is required; I chopped the asparagus into bite-size bits and threw the peas and asparagus into a pan for a quick sauté in olive oil until just soft but with a slight bite remaining (al dente). Into the sauté pan I added the pasta directly from the boiling pot, al dente as well, and combined the mixture with copious amounts of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, a large knob of butter, and, of course, salt and pepper.

As I sat on the porch enjoying my meal and the early summer evening, I could only reflect on how the very best of life often can be found within the context of simplicity—like a seasonal pasta in a life well lived.

What simple, tasty pasta dishes have you thrown together lately?

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